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Rotate your JPEG photos into the correct orientation
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JPEG Lossless Rotator is an image editing tool for Windows. It allows you to rotate JPEG pictures without incurring in any quality loss. Most applications rotate pictures in a way that results in quality loss. This is mainly due to the fact that there is decoding and re-encoding involved in the process. By not doing this, JPEG Lossless Rotator can rotate your pictures and maintain quality.

Now, the point should be made that quality loss resultant from JPEG image rotation is minimal, and the untrained eye will probably not even notice; especially now that digital cameras come in the 10MP range.

Using the application is fairly easy. You direct it to the directory that contains your images, and JPEG Lossless Rotator will scan it and show you all the images that it has found. You can choose to automatically rotate pictures, which works surprisingly well. Also, you can rotate left, right or even 180 degrees a single picture or a batch of them. You can also flip them. The application also shows EXIF information for individual pictures.

You can't simply drag-and-drop images onto the window, which seems a little inconvenient. But there is integration with the Windows shell, so you can rotate pictures by right-clicking on them and clicking on the desired type of rotation.

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